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Voluntary Disclosure vs Reconsideration Form

Oct 10,2019 / Haroon Juma / VAT & Tax Blogs


As a Registered FTA Tax Agency, several questions are usually posed from businesses on the appropriate use of specific processes set out by the UAE Federal Tax Authority. In this blog, we discuss the specific scenario of when Voluntary Disclosure or Reconsideration Form are used.

It is of prime importance that the tax payer is aware of the federal laws to save time and effort and avoid any unnecessary penalties and charge s. Below is an illustration of the difference between VAT 211 Voluntary Disclosure form and Reconsideration form.

In either scenario, preparation and submission of a thorough case with credible information is essential to achieve your desired outcome. Read more in the FTA guid es or our experienced consultants can assist you manage these processes to a satisfactory outcome.

211 VAT Voluntary Disclosure form

Reconsideration Form



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