Business Liquidation Services

We provide complete support to liquidating your entity from managing the trade license and visa cancellation to deregistering your Tax Registration Number with the FTA.

Our service is efficient, cost effective with support to speed the process.

As an FTA Approved Muwafaq Tax Agency Partner, our service packages comply to UAE Tax Legislative and FTA Muwafaq principals.

If you are seeking to liquidate your business, you will have a variety of obligations to correctly cancel the relevant licensing authority trade license, residency visas, and VAT registration.

Understanding the requirements and process is essential to avoid complications and penalties. This requires a detailed understanding of Licensing Authority & FTA processes, audit reports, and documentation.

As an experienced FTA Tax Agency and business services provider, our consultants are uniquely placed to help your business manage both the Licensing Authority and Federal Tax Authority to provide a complete service.

liquidation services

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What Sets Our Service Apart


Complete Service


Experience & Understanding


Transparent Pricing

VAT Compliance


How We Deliver



We provide clear information on the requirements, planning, budget and prepare the required documents.


Once your trade license is cancelled we finalise all obligations to UAE authorities including the FTA and provide the necessary documents


Our aim is to deliver a stress free service to manage the relevant processes and settle any Government fees on your behalf.

Want to Improve Cost & Performance?

We’ll provide best practice quality processes, expertise and platforms to run your business more effectively.


How long does a liquidation take?

This is governed by the specific Licensing Jurisdiction. Free Zones usually take less time than mainland entities to complete the full process.

How do we price our service?

We provide a fixed fee rate subject to the scale and complexity of your business.

What is required to liquidate a company?

The company has an obligation to clear any obligations with all relevant UAE Government authorities including customs, Ministory of Labour, Federal Tax Authority, banks, and settle all liabilities. This can include public notice in the press. Only once these matters are settled a liquidation report is finalised to present to the Licensing Authority to cancel the Trade License.

How do we manage the process?

We seek to manage the full process to obtain clearances to submitting the final documentation to obtain the cancellation. Any provision of additional documents such as audited statements can also be taken care of.

What if our business has been dormant for some time or our license has not been renewed?

The legal requirement to complete and fulfill all obligations to meet the terms of liquidation is necessary. You may have reduced the requirement to meet the obligation. If your license has lapsed, all fines imposed on the entity must be settled.

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