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We have significant experience with a range of accounting platforms to set-up, migrate data, and design reporting dashboards to UAE best practices and IFRS standards.

Accounting Software

Using Accounting Software Brings Major Benefits To Your Business’ Financial Management.

The key to a reliable platform is setting up and managing the implementation of the accounting software with policies and processes coupled to user training.

But without the accounting and platforms experience to plan and implement effectively, your system will be incorrect which can lead to costly corrections.

Our certified consultants can help your business plan and implement the correct approach so that you maximise your investment.

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What Sets Our Service Apart


Platforms Expertise


Best Practices


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Accounting Software


How We Deliver



Our consultants assess your requirements and ensure business objectives are aligned to the project

Plan & Deliver

We deliver a best practice framework & experience in leveraging software functionality


Your team is trained & we provide documentation to minimise issues in operating your system

Want to Improve Cost & Performance?

We’ll provide best practice quality processes, expertise, accounting software and platforms to run your business more effectively.


What Is Required Under The UAE Legislation?

Your business must comply to the Tax Legislation which includes mandatory registration for Corporate Tax and VAT if you exceed the income threshold of AED375,00. In addition, you must maintain a set of accounts, submit and pay dues taxes by the required deadlines.

Why Is This Required?

This is a legal requirement subject to administrative penalties for non-compliance by the Tax Authority. Your tax affairs are subject to audit for 5 years under VAT and 7 years under Corporate Tax Legislation. A well structured financial and tax model can minimise risks and costs with the added ability to provide insights on your financial performance.

What Is Needed To Manage Your Obligations?

Legally you must maintain a proper set of accounts and details supporting your tax calculations including supporting accounting documents. Your Taxes should meet the eligible rules and not breach any published requirements.

Tax filings and payments must be made on time depending on your required reporting periods.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

The right support can make a difference to your business. We focus on making the complicated simple with an all encompassing solution. This includes an FTA certified accounting platform, accounting/tax expertise and guidance to meet all your accounting and tax needs under an affordable monthly fee.

Whether you are a start up or a large medium size enterprise, we have the experience and solutions to support your business.

How Do We Optimise/Improve Your Accounting & Tax Obligations?

We take time to understand your business and how you work. The Laws can apply differently depending on your business transactions. Advice and guidance are essential to set the right course to minimise risks and tax liabilities.

Every step from setting up our service to ongoing management continually assesses and provides specific guidance for efficiency and tax optimisation. This is fully systemised and managed under our ISO 9001 & 27001 certified standards.

Why Is This A Complete Solution For Businesses?

Everything you require to implement a scalable financial and tax reporting model is included in our service packages: Best in class platform, FTA Tax Agency accounting and tax expertise and ISO quality procedures.

Systemising your accounts and reporting is the best option to set a solid foundation to run your business. Our service is designed to grow with your business and we update you on any changes to the Legislation affecting your business.

How Can This Save You Costs?

Our service is upto 60% lower than an internally managed option. As partner to 100’s of businesses, we have provided operational continuity saving disruptions from staff mobility with no need for staff salaries or visa costs. In addition, we diligently manage changes from the Legislation and minimise compliance risks that could lead to penalties.

How Do We Deliver Reliably & Effectively?

We operate to ISO 9001 & 27001 standards for quality and information security. This ensures our services are delivered to set standards and underpinned by our service delivery mobile and desktop application which provides transparency and control to ensure every necessary step is followed and monitored.

We operate in teams and each client has an appointed person who knows your business supported by a wider team accessible for any complex requirements or support. Your engagement is fully controlled and all documents and interactions are auditable in case of government or tax authority query.

We have invested in our service delivery to simplify the complex and take the burden from your business while providing transparency and service level assurance.

How Can We Help Your Business Grow?

Allowing us to manage the financial and tax processes provides you time to focus on growing your business. We take care in implementing reliable financial and tax management, a best in class platform and addressing any questions. Our dedicated AM can also provide financial insights to target issues for management attention.

In addition, we have expertise across a wide range of business needs including advisory, audits, HR & Payroll, compliance, ERP systems and ISO certification. Our clients view us as a trusted partner providing a one stop solution to operating and growing their UAE business.

How Soon Can You Benefit From Our Service?

Your business can start deriving value and benefits in a few days. Our initial advice and guidance will help clear any tax and non-compliance risks. In a couple of weeks, we can have you fully operational with a real time financial reporting model.

How Do We Price Our Service?

Our packages are priced for simplicity and ease of budgeting. Our scope is clear without hidden fees. We offer registration, software, guidance and management for your accounting and taxes for a simple monthly fee. We just need some information on the transactions and volumes to provide a fixed monthly fee.

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Outsourced Accounting

I left Germany many years ago to avoid all this accounting and tax stuff and now its here, too. So I found those guys and they are absolutely great. Super professional , efficient and the most important thing they treat you like a person and NOT just like a number or a case. SimplySolved cleaned up my stuff from 2018 very efficient and now we are back on track and its such a relief to deal with them. Great value for money,highly recommended and absolutely trustworthy.


SimplySolved helped us very well to reduce our VAT issues, they are providing us extremely good and proper service including a platform.



Simply Solved is pretty amazing when it comes to helping us with our VAT filling. We don’t have much information with regarding to the new VAT Law of Dubai but with SimplySolved guiding us, we easily managed our VAT in no time.


SimplySolved is unbelievably helpful to our company. They always go above and beyond to provide great customer service and preparing accurate VAT reports. I will recommend SimplySolved to all businesses that need assistance in VAT compliance and reporting.


Our transactions are complex and we were unsure how to manage the new VAT rules, with SimplySolved they helped us fully comply to the FTA and submit our report with all the details available for us to understand.


Managing our business takes up most of our time and so with the additional procedures and our limited understanding of the newly introduced VAT law, we were worried until SimplySolved took on the challenge and provided us the full solution with a service we can rely on. Great customer service as well!


We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for your excellent job as our most reliable service provider related to Tax. Ever since we have signed the contract you have provided us the highest quality and better customer service. Assistive and very easy to reach personnel. We are excited to grow the level of cooperation between our organizations and looking forward to more fruitful business ahead.
Thank you.


As a medical provider, we have so many works to deal with ad VAT reporting is new to us. We needed a provider that can help us understand how to manage VAT rules and reports. SimplySolved came in and gave us the full solution to our problems. We are so impressed! It’s such an excellent customer service!”


Its been a month since we have you as our Accountant here in our Salon Business, at first we are hesitant, because its a new person and new relationship to build. but we are grateful and satisfied. She is very efficient, hard working and very professional when it comes to work. She is very helpful, supportive and she guide me all the time I needed her. She is very organize and very professional in her field. at last we found you and we are now in good hand. We are so happy and have the opportunity to work with you.


In behalf of Perfect Smile Dental Center, we are very happy for the services of SimplySolved. Aside from that, all the staff is friendly and all our queries has been answered in no time. We would like to recommend Simply Solve to our networks.


Very reliable and professional team and company, we work together since few months, and they support us on daily basis that made our daily work easy. They are managing our day to day accounting work, tax advices and financial analysis advices.


I’m having a very good experience by working with this company. They have the skills for problems solving and working professionally under pressure.


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Whether you have an existing Finance, Corporate Tax, VAT Registration,  Employee Management & Payroll, or ERP & E-Commerce Integration function operating its own system and process or a small company needing complete outsourcing services to businesses in the UAE, we have the flexibility to serve you to quality standards.

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