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VAT Profit Margin Scheme

Under the Executive Regulations Title Five – Profit Margin Scheme Article 29, Accounting for Tax on the Margin, specific provisions have been established to enable VAT to be correctly charged on specific goods.

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UAE Double Tax Treaty

The UAE Double Tax Treaty is the UAE Government’s way in seeking to establish a competitive and dynamic economy to attract attractive investments.

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Are you sure you are 100 percent VAT compliant?

Are you in the position of being confident that everything is compliant to the UAE VAT law and then suddenly get fined because of noncompliance; and it turns out that it is something so simple that could have been easily avoided?

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How can you assure Transactional VAT in your IT system?

Ideally your IT system is the single source of truth for your transactional VAT treatment and reporting. Nevertheless, most enterprises are faced with accuracy challenges where human decision making is required to define transactional tax treatment.

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Operating From A FreeZone? VAT Obligations & Opportunities

During the introduction of VAT, impacts to FreeZones were opaque and some confusion persisted across many companies. However, a year later and with precedent and clarifications, the implications are clearer and it may be timely to reassess your company’s obligations for VAT.

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Is VAT On All Purchases Recoverable?

VAT is designed as a consumption tax to be borne by the final consumer therefore as a VAT registered business you are eligible to recover VAT on your purchases. However, this does not mean you are able to claim VAT on every purchase, it is deductible and recoverable if it satisfies few conditions.

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