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Our service is inclusive of a state of the art platform to validate your system VAT postings and rating by processing your data for each accounting entry to provide greater confidence to your VAT returns. Our advisors will work with you to highlight these errors to significantly reduce the time required to prepare and improve the accuracy of your returns.

If you operate an ERP or accounting platform generating a high volume of transactions to calculate your VAT report, ensuring each transaction is accurately accounting for VAT can be a challenge.

Common errors include incorrect rating for VAT or mis-postings where manual selections are required in accounts payables, which inevitably lead to errors on your returns.

Moreover, these errors represent risks in case of FTA audits when your internal accounting entries are assessed. It is time consuming and costly to review all your taxable and out of scope entries manually. Ideally you should validate all your internal transactions independently to highlight and correct possible errors to ensure your transactions and reporting is accurate.

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We set up your service to define your transactional scenarios, map your system data and codes for accurate processing.


Our state of the art platform can process 10,000’s of entries from a predefined excel file in minutes to identify possible errors for review.



An advisor will review errors with you to allow you to confirm changes and correct them at source.

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Managing our business takes up most of our time and so with the additional procedures and our limited understanding of the newly introduced VAT law, we were worried until SimplySolved took on the challenge and provided us the full solution with a service we can rely on. Great customer service as well!

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Economic Substance Regulations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government has taken a progressive step in its commitment to comply with international good governance standards by ratifying Resolution No.31 of 2019, concerning Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE, “the Regulations” on April 30, 2019.

The UAE Economic Substance (ES) rules have been designed to follow the guidance issued by the European Union (EU) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Salon- Controlling Cash Process

A salon owner operated several branches across the UAE providing ladies cosmetic and beauty services.

Restaurant Case Study -Improving Service & Performance

For a local restaurant business owner, controlling their operations remotely had always proved to be a challenge. They had employed a manager to run
daily operations, but accurate and timely reporting was a challenge with the owner receiving excel
reports for limited information.

Accounting & VAT Outsourcing

For some companies, outsourcing their accounting and VAT has proved to be a good decision to manage their financial management & compliance obligations at a lower total cost of ownership than inhouse recruitment.
For others it has proved to be a bad experience that leads to frustrations resulting in poor financial reporting, compliance risks and time wasted.

Implementing Accounting Software

The Executive Regulations entail greater discipline to record your sales and purchases accurately to file accurate returns and support the provision of financial statements if requested by the Federal Tax Authority. These legal obligations may be at the forefront of your decision to adopt a platform, in this paper we discuss the key tips to help you implement a successful approach.

Impact of Mismanaged Finances

For any business, good financial management is the foundation to reaching profitability. But as a start-up or small business, your first thought inevitably goes towards growing the top line and this emphasis can lead to major issues later if you under invest in your financial management framework.


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