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Whatever your requirement, our solution is cost effective and will grow with your business with minimal impact. Speak to one of our  advisors to help assess your ERP requirements and  experience a reliable implementation.


What Sets Us Apart


UAE VAT & Tax Group Compliant


Arabic & English Support


Extensive Suite of Applications


Delivery Quality Processes


Optional Back Office Outsource Services

Our best in class cloud Enterprise management solution can help your organisation automate and master your business processes.

Our solution is UAE VAT compliant with FTA Audit File support, supports complex Tax Group functionality and available in Arabic and English from the same ERP system. Our solution is fully configurable with class leading user experience and functionality. Use a rich suite of applications to connect your business processes from marketing to supply chain for any type of business whether local or global. From a single ERP system, your business can:

  • Enter data in one application and avail it across all applications
  • Access and analyse critical business information in real time with feature rich reporting and dashboards
  • Connect essential business processes including projects, manufacturing, stock and order management; HR, accounting and payroll; sales and marketing; and customer relationship management
  • Gain insights to help streamline and simplify complex operations
  • Enable collaboration across divisions, countries, and languages
  • Enable e-Commerce website capabilities with configurable shopping cart features

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How We Deliver



Our consultants will gather your business requirements with key attention improving your business processes and propose best practice models.

Delivery & Quality

We have the expertise and methodology to control projects and working with your organisation . Our goal is to implement with quality and speed to deliver results faster.

Training & Roll Out

Key to your project success will be user adoption, we seek to emphasise training and dcoumentation to minimise impacts to the business.

Want to Improve Cost & Performance?

We’ll provide best practice quality processes, expertise and platforms to run your business more effectively.


Track leads, close opportunities, get accurate forecasts and use actionable data to make better decisions.


Manage your quotation to sales process with class leading efficiency and differentiation to your customers.


Easily manage suppliers & purchase orders top improve your supply chain & inventory performance.

Project Management

Simplify your processes and employees collaboration with customized stages for each project workflow to increase overall project efficiency.

FTA Compliant Accounting & VAT

UAE Tax & Group compliant accounting software with FAF support and dynamic configurable reporting dashboards.


Integrate your HR processes from recruitment to leave management with complete self service and payroll recording


Powerful platform to integrate supply chain, PLM, manufacturing, quality and maintanance processes.


Maximize your warehouse efficiency with a modern online warehouse management software.

Point of Sale

Smart Point of Sale platform to Run your bar, restaurant or retail operation efficiently.

Email Marketing

Craft successful email campaigns that resonate with your prospects without any IT knowledge integrated to your CRM for lead management


An All-in-One out-of-the-box integrated eCommerce platform, inventory and sales with easily maintained automatic stock adjustments and reporting.

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"Simply Solved is pretty amazing when it comes to helping us with our VAT filling. We don't have much information with regarding to the New VAT Law of Dubai but with SimplySolved guiding us, we easily managed our VAT in no time."


"Simply Solved helped us very well to reduce our VAT issues, they are providing us extremely good and proper service including a platform.”

Feel free to contact us for any clarification."


"Our transactions are complex and we were unsure how to manage the new VAT rules, with Simply Solved they helped us fully comply to the FTA and submit our report with all the details available for us to understand"


"Simply Solved employees are helpful and cooperative

With Simply Solved everything is SIMPLY SOLVED."


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Tools & Resources

Our guides and resources are designed to help your business gain valuable insights and learn at your own pace.





A Guide to Liquidation of Companies

A Guide To Liquidation Of Companies    When any businesses can no longer afford to operate, liquidation of companies is a formal process that is done by a registered businesses to ensure its meets its obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders (e.g....

Making the right decision for your outsource Accounting & VAT Partner?

Making the right decision for your outsource Accounting & VAT Partner?  Outsource Accounting & VAT   For any start-up, small or medium sized company, outsourcing your accounting & VAT to an experienced and qualified partner is a credible option...

Are You Sure Your Prices To Consumers Are Displayed Correctly?

Are you in the position of being confident that everything is compliant to the UAE VAT law and then suddenly get fined because of noncompliance; and it turns out that it is something so simple that could have been easily avoided?

Substance Regulations Issued Guidance

As of 30th April 2019, The UAE Cabinet introduced economic substance (“ES”) rules. Further guidance (Ministerial Decision No 215 For The Year 2019 On The Issuance Of Directives For The Implementation Provisions For The Cabinet Decision No (31) of 2019 Concerning Economic Substance Requirements) was released on 11 September which provides further elaboration on the requirements for any entity that meets the definition for a relevant activity.

5 Proven Cost Management Strategies for Business

Business can be tough when supply exceeds market demand. This is the time when businesses should pay closer attention to costs. Ask yourself “how much sales do we need to generate profit of $1” and this simple question will bring into sharper focus of the benefit of having a more effective cost management.

Your Cashflow, Your Company’s Future.

Many SMEs, especially those who are just starting a business, often overlook the management of cash coming in and out of their business. It is a common error thinking that if money is coming in, the business is performing and will have sufficient resources to pay for its purchases and expenses. Cash is key to the survival of your business and ignoring the needs for an accurate cashflow management process can lead to shocks that could cripple your business.

Economic Substance Regulations

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government has taken a progressive step in its commitment to comply with international good governance standards by ratifying Resolution No.31 of 2019, concerning Economic Substance Regulations in the UAE, “the Regulations” on April 30, 2019.

The UAE Economic Substance (ES) rules have been designed to follow the guidance issued by the European Union (EU) and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Salon – Controlling Cash Process

A salon owner operated several branches across the UAE providing ladies cosmetic and beauty services.

Restaurant Case Study – Improving Service & Performance

For a local restaurant business owner, controlling their operations remotely had always proved to be a challenge. They had employed a manager to run
daily operations, but accurate and timely reporting was a challenge with the owner receiving excel
reports for limited information.

Accounting & VAT Outsourcing

For some companies, outsourcing their accounting and VAT has proved to be a good decision to manage their financial management & compliance obligations at a lower total cost of ownership than inhouse recruitment.
For others it has proved to be a bad experience that leads to frustrations resulting in poor financial reporting, compliance risks and time wasted.


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