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WhatsApp Customer Care

August 15,2019 / Haroon Juma / Marketing Blogs

WhatsApp For Business – Customer Care


In our earlier blog, we discussed whether WhatsApp is a viable for business, and in summary it is. But what are the main use cases that brands are deploying which generate the greatest return on investment?

For most brands, WhatsApp is becoming a central pillar in their customer service channel and it’s a natural development. For many people it’s their main form of digital communication and it would be convenient to reach out to businesses with questions or concerns.

A recent survey by Facebook found that, messaging is now the second most popular with consumers and also found that 53% of people who message businesses said they were more likely to shop with a brand they could reach through a messaging app.

Messaging is convenient. Customers can get served quickly, and for brands it offers a cost saving opportunity in customer service channel.

So what strategies are brands adopting to maximise WhatsApp in their customer service processes?

1. Respond Faster


42% of customers who message businesses expect a response in under an hour and the faster businesses respond to customer service requests, the more those customers were willing to pay for their products. Service matters and speed in responding matters just as much.

2. Use WhatsApp Chatbots


If you have access to the WhatsApp Business API, you can implement a chatbot to your business account to address common questions. This can save you time, cost and ensure you’ll always respond within 24 hours.

Bots may not deal with all use case scenarios, however they will be very helpful to automate standard queries and route to the appropriate team whether service, sales etc.

Therefore your approach will ideally need some workflow integration into a human channel with the details of the customer engagement populating your CRM records.

The positive perception from the Bot interaction can easily be undone if the customer has to repeat his issues to an agent. Therefore, continuity of the engagement is important to manage customer perception and avoiding costly lengthy calls.

3. Engage Your Customers With Media Formats


A key feature for WhatsApp is it allows brands to make communication engaging for businesses and customers alike. Use of different file formats from photos, videos, exact locations, GIFs, PDFs, voice recordings can be attached to build better customer experience and brand perception.

This variety of formats means brands can also experiment with video tutorials or PDF guides for more complex problems, and users can send screenshots or videos showing the issues they’re facing.

4. Develop Your WhatsApp Service Channel


Promote your WhatsApp service channel and ensure your service workflows leverage the benefits from richer customer engagements.

Once you have a business account and implemented your internal processes to handle WhatsApp inquiries. Add a link, button to your social media accounts, website, email signatures to promote the channel.

5. Handle Replies Efficiently


Avoid using mobile devices for responding to customer requests. Your approach should be considered with scale and speed in mind. Leverage WhatsApp web or ideally connect it to your CRM with WhatsApp API.

From deploying a Bot and integrate into a single inbox to viewing all incoming messages, assigning them to different employees, labelling them and sort them by read/unread; you can build a myriad of customer journey use cases improving your customer communications.

We hope these insights provide your brand with ideas to develop its customer service approach with WhatsApp.

If your business wants to deliver WhatsApp customer service efficiently, we can help you to maximize the power of WhatsApp features and enhance your service processes.

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