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VAT 5 tips for businesses on ‘Starting Up’ by Haroon Juma

Top VAT 5 tips for businesses on 'Starting Up' by Simply Solved's Managing Director Haroon Juma Haroon Juma MD of Simply Solved was invited to speak on the Top VAT 5 tips for businesses on 'Starting Up', hosted by Dubai Eye’s Natalie Lindo on fm 103.8.   If you are...

Your Cashflow, Your Company’s Future.

Many SMEs, especially those who are just starting a business, often overlook the management of cash coming in and out of their business. It is a common error thinking that if money is coming in, the business is performing and will have sufficient resources to pay for its purchases and expenses. Cash is key to the survival of your business and ignoring the needs for an accurate cashflow management process can lead to shocks that could cripple your business.

How can you assure Transactional VAT in your IT system?

Ideally your IT system is the single source of truth for your transactional VAT treatment and reporting. Nevertheless, most enterprises are faced with accuracy challenges where human decision making is required to define transactional tax treatment.

Operating From A FreeZone? VAT Obligations & Opportunities

During the introduction of VAT, impacts to FreeZones were opaque and some confusion persisted across many companies. However, a year later and with precedent and clarifications, the implications are clearer and it may be timely to reassess your company’s obligations for VAT.

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