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Operating From A FreeZone? VAT Obligations & Opportunities

During the introduction of VAT, impacts to FreeZones were opaque and some confusion persisted across many companies. However, a year later and with precedent and clarifications, the implications are clearer and it may be timely to reassess your company’s obligations for VAT.

Cloud Vs On Premise IT System- Which Option Is Best For Your Business?

Advances in technology have provided businesses a range of options and decisions to take when adopting any system from a standalone application to Enterprise Resource Planning system. One of the most critical factors in your decision will be whether you choose to deploy it on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud-based systems are more common than ever before, and all software vendors provide some form of Cloud offering and some have ditched their on-premise solutions altogether.

Which one is right for your organization? Only you can make that decision, but this rundown on the pros and cons of each should make it easier.

By knowing the advantages and disadvantages, business owners can determine the best fit allowing for a more informed allocation of resources and efficiency benefits.

Whatsapp Customer Care

For most brands, WhatsApp is becoming a central pillar in their customer service channel and it’s a natural development. For many people it’s their main form of digital communication and it would be convenient to reach out to businesses with questions or concerns.

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