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Auditing Tips From the Top Audit Firms in Dubai

As one of the top audit firms in Dubai, Simply Solved helps companies across the UAE prepare for audits. For those who are new to the auditing process, it can seem daunting initially. To help you get a better understanding of how audits work, how they benefit your business, and why they are important, we have prepared a helpful guide that gives you all the information you need on the auditing process.

What Activities Are Subject To VAT In The UAE – VAT Registration

If your business is unsure and inexperienced with the FTA requirements and regulations, it is highly recommended that you get support from an experienced VAT registration specialist. As a registered tax agency we are often requested to resolve submission issues resulting from one or all of the issues listed above. Many requests could have been resolved with assistance at the outset of the process to build a credible basis for the submission.

Voluntary Disclosure vs Reconsideration Form

As a Registered FTA Tax Agency, several questions are usually posed from businesses on the appropriate use of specific processes set out by the UAE Federal Tax Authority. In this blog, we discuss the specific scenario of when Voluntary Disclosure or Reconsideration Form are used.

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