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A Guide to Liquidation of Companies

A Guide To Liquidation Of Companies    When any businesses can no longer afford to operate, liquidation of companies is a formal process that is done by a registered businesses to ensure its meets its obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders (e.g....

UAE Double Tax Treaty

UAE Double Tax Treaties   In seeking to establish competitive and dynamic economy, the UAE Government has sought to build an attractive investment environment to offer resident companies and individuals the benefits from its attractive tax environment.   The...

UAE VAT Resources Survey Results

Recently, we requested input to understand the challenges for businesses in working with available official VAT online resources in the UAE. For any businesses ensuring key personnel are fully equipped is essential to avoid misinterpretations that may come to light under an audit and incur penalties.
Therefore, we asked respondents several pertinent questions to assess how effective these resources are to build effective VAT understanding and implementation approach to their business.

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